What makes Aerodyne different from the other companies in this business?


Our company is owned and run by skydivers for skydivers.

Modern Designs

Aerodyne’s key product lines are the most modern in the industry with the latest TSO approvals.

Commitment to Innovation

We are committed to constant improvement in design and materials. We have many features that are only available from Aerodyne:

  • Our patented mini force ring – reduces pull force at the cutaway handle by 40%.
  • Our exclusive ZPX fabric – reduces main canopy pack volume by 17% and is significantly easier to pack than any other canopy on the market.
  • Our use of ballistic nylon – for harness and container systems. We’ve been the first and remain the only company in our industry to provide this beautiful and extremely durable fabric, adapted from high end luggage.
  • Our exclusive FX11 fabric – our new low-bulk reserve fabric, found in the SmartLPV reserve, significantly reduces the pack volume of your reserve canopy, allowing you to fit a larger sized reserve into your reserve container.

Proven by Champions

Much like the automobile industry, competitors in skydiving are the ones who really push the equipment to its performance limits. And Aerodyne equipment has been on the podium in every discipline in regional, national, and international competitions for the last 8 years. Whatever your choice of skydiving discipline, know that our equipment has been there and done that.

Customer Service

We are committed to satisfying our customers, and we go the extra mile to build it right and stand behind it for the long haul. It’s really pretty simple: in any situation, we ask ourselves how we would want to be treated if we were on the buyer rather than the supplier side of a given transaction.

One-Stop Shopping

Aerodyne is the only major manufacturer that supplies complete systems, ready to jump, from a single company. Why shouldn’t you buy your main, reserve, and harness/container system from a single company? Our systems are designed, built, and tested to work together, guaranteeing compatibility and fit. We work hard to keep our lead times compatible, so you don’t have canopies ready 30 weeks before your container, as you might if you order components from several of our various competitors. With one phone call to one knowledgeable rep, you can have a complete system, packed and ready to jump.

Crazy Fast Options

When you buy a stock Icon with stock canopies, you can have a custom fitted rig, optioned the way you want it, ready to jump in three weeks.

The Little Things

Aerodyne tries to provide our customers with extras and options:

  • Articulated harness – no charge
  • Wingsuit option
  • Skyhook option
  • Removable slider
  • Magnet riser covers
  • Aluminium DaKine hookknife included

Bottom line, with Aerodyne you get a fully loaded rig at a competitive price – and not be charged extra for every option.

Give Aerodyne a call and chat with one of our team members about how we can help you into your new equipment. Everyone you speak with will be a skydiver willing to share their knowledge and experience.