Material Shortage and Ordering Updates:

What Aerodyne Is Doing

We are constantly re-assessing our current orders, stock materials, and colors.

Our website and social media previously stated that we are currently out of ZPX. We are slowly but surely receiving our material in now!

On a case-by-case bases where nearly all customer-chosen colors are available, we reach out asking if a color change would be acceptable.


What We Need From You

Please be understanding of the ongoing material shortages and time frame when placing orders.

You may have noticed we have adjusted our lead times to 30-35 weeks for canopies, containers, and full systems, and 4-6 weeks for spare parts. These lead times do not include material wait time. We have chosen to not guess an uncertain number of weeks to add for materials. This has helped us keep a proper queue, with products built as soon as materials are obtained. It is not unfathomable for some orders to be completed before September of 2022.

Remaining in this queue will guarantee the earliest possible delivery of orders. While we will certainly honor any cancellations, please understand that re-ordering after the material shortage resolution will put the orders at the tail of our backlog.

We are excited to move past this temporary roadblock and help you provide exceptional gear to our valued skydivers.