You can find our current stock of preowned and used containers below. Some of these have come from our demo equipment, some are hardly used, and some have been used in normal conditions.  All equipment is factory inspected, and upgraded where necessary.  When you find something you like, call or email for further details and information.

Where available, you can also click the serial number for a PDF with quick information about the gear.

To place an order, please contact Jim Pope at (813) 891-6300 or email


Image Serial Number / DOM Canopy & Lines Notes Price
 PT-104-12434-  DOM:03/27/2013 Brand New Lines  Patch on Top and bottom skin tale beside label #5 patched.

Less than 500 jumps in great condition.




DOM: 11/June/2009

Pilot 96 ZPX HMA 700 Still crispy less than 250 jumps

Great condition.   Lines are clean.




DOM – 28/Feb/18


Pilot 7 137

ZLX lines

Ultra Low pack Volume

Around 500-600 jumps great condition.


DOM 16/June/2011
Sensei 121
450 HMA Casc Green
Clean Crispy around 500 jumps

Lines are ok.


DOM: 15/June/16

Solo 270


Clean Origanal lines less than 50 jumps  $1900.00

DOM: 19/Nov/2014



Patch top #7

New warning label

New slider

Small patch rib #10

Patch Top and bottom #5

New HMA line set

New bridle attachment



Sensei 111

Green lines

Clean less than 500 jumps.

Lines are OK.


DOM: 23/April/2009

Pilot -111-ZPX Less than 500 jumps.

Comes with new slider.



DOM: 04/Feb/2016

Solo T 250 Zp Top  and Low pack volume Bottom.


Very Docile Canopy for students.

 Triathlons Available  Triathlon Crew 160,175,190,210,230,

Triathlon Hybrid 220

 DOM 2015-2016  These Parachutes have less than 100 jumps on them. Minor line burns wear and tear from normal crew flying. All information available on request.  $1000-2000