At Aerodyne, we pride ourselves on the legacy of our products and the innovations we have introduced to the market.

We build main and reserve parachutes and parachute-container systems for sport and military markets. Take advantage of ordering a full set of equipment from a single manufacturer all designed to work together. Our individual components (main, reserve or container) are also compatible with the gear you already have.

We work hard to deliver quality products across our range, from tandems and students, to novice jumpers and weekend warriors, to top competitors and human-flight experts across disciplines. We pride ourselves on our customer support – before, during and after purchase. We also value our staff and dealers who, together with us, deliver great experiences to our customers.

We keep the best of our heritage while continuously evolving to achieve our most important goal: helping you achieve yours.

Exciting Changes At Aerodyne!

Revamped & Reliable Customer Service!


2019 to 2022 – During the years affected by Covid, many industries have been drastically impacted across the board. The Skydiving industry was not missed. Here at Aerodyne, we have acknowledged our admitted loss of resources and in-turn some inconsistencies in our customer support.

What Aerodyne Has Done

We are excited to announce that over the past few months we have added very talented staff to our support team!

We welcomed Christa in June as our friendly full time Customer Service Representative. As a skydiver herself, and four years of industry experience, she has been instrumental in keeping our clients and customers updated and providing avenues of information for all.

Stephanie came on board March of 2022 , with the bright excitement of a new skydiver. Starting AFF in October 2021 and already incurring over 120 jumps by July 2022 , she has taken the reins on social media, Marketing, and Event Coordination with the same enthusiasm.

Jamie joined into our A-Team family in April with 7 years of industry experience, as well. As our order processor she became an integral part of our team. Along with Debbie and Julie, Jamie keeps on top of orders in all stages of our manufacturing process.

Additionally, Dom – our C.O.O. and Serusha – our C.F.O., have joined us from our South Africa location. Having their presence in our main office, in America has been instrumental in allowing us to not only provide better customer service but bring a lot of our manufacturing process to the United States.

We look forward to your orders and helping guide you to the right canopy and container! Please feel welcomed to reach out to our Aerodyne team with any questions regarding our products or full system services.

Material Shortage & Ordering Updates July 2022

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