A brilliant design with ultra consistent opening characteristics, delivering 9 cell performance in a 7 cell package, along with the lowest pack volume in its class
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Features & Options

Non-cascaded Center A/B Lines

Makes climbing down lines effortless, while the Dacron 900 material decreases additional wear on the center lines.

Non-cascaded Outboard A/B Lines

Decreases additional wear and tear on the lines and easy to locate for stacks.

Retractable Bridle

Pilot chute is pulled onto the top of the canopy, diminishing entanglements.

Tail Pocket

Neat line control during packing for quick and consistent openings.

Mesh Slider

Provides quick, sub-terminal openings.

Target Panels

A visual aid for proper docking on the correct cell.

Riggers’ Corner

Custom Design Your Own
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