Feature Icon V Icon A Icon Student
Starting Price (MSRP): $3,880 $3,265 $2,420
AeroFit Backpad Standard Option ($)
Spacer Foam Option (N/C) Standard
Reversed Yoke Stitching Standard Standard Standard
Wingsuit Modification Option ($) Option ($)
Long Rig Option (N/C) Option (N/C)
Ballistic Option (N/C) Option (N/C) Standard
V on Reserve Flap (Embroidered) Standard
A on Reserve Flap (Embroidered) Standard
A on Reserve Flap (Fabric) Standard
A on Left Mud Flap Standard Standard Standard
Logo on Right Mud Flap Option ($) Option ($) Option ($)
Contrast Stitching Option (N/C) Option ($)
Custom Logo on Sidewall Option ($) Option ($) Option ($)
Soft Reserve Handle Standard Option ($)
Metal Reserve Handle Option (N/C) Standard Standard
Hip Rings Standard Standard Standard
Chest Rings Option (N/C) Option (N/C)
Stainless Steel Hardware Standard Standard Standard
Semi-stowless Main Deployment Bag Option ($) Option ($)
Freefly Pilot Chute Handle Standard Option (N/C)
Hackey Pilot Chute Handle Option (N/C) Standard
2x Magnetic Riser Covers Standard Option ($)
3x Magnetic Riser Covers Standard Option ($) Option ($)
Tuck Tab Riser Covers Standard
Riser Ramps Standard Standard Standard
Miniforce Rings Standard Standard Standard
Skyhook Option ($) Option ($) Option ($)
RSL Standard Standard Standard
AAD French Mod Option ($) Option ($) Option ($)
Adjustable Harness Standard
AFF BOC Standard
Belly Band Standard Option ($) Option ($)
Carry Handle Option ($)
AFF Legstrap Grips Option ($)
Reserve Pin Window Standard
Static Line Main Deployment Option ($)
Ripcord Main Deployment Option ($)
Feature Icon V Icon A Icon Student

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