Semi-Stowless Bags Exchange

With the use of semi-stowless bags, there are variables that affect the controlled deployment of parachute suspension lines, including canopy size selection & materials, line types, packing techniques, etc.

As more of our customers have ordered semi-stowless bags, we have seen inconsistencies on the openings while using these bags. This is a new situation we have not seen on the thousands of Icon containers equipped with the standard traditional elastic stow closure.

Based on these reports, Aerodyne has performed additional tests on the design of this semi-stowless bag in different conditions. These conditions accounted for a wide variety of variables such as canopy sizes related to the bag size, types of canopy fabrics, types of lines, opening speeds, and more importantly a variation of canopy packing techniques that we understand are used in the field.

Through this additional testing we have determined that conditions can exist causing a premature release of lines from the bag. This uncontrolled deployment of lines may cause variations in opening characteristics, and could lead to lines being caught on the container or jumper.

As a result, we have developed an improved semi-stowless bag design that better addresses these issues. To increase safety for customers using the original semi-stowless design, Aerodyne wishes to offer the latest version of this new design in a mandatory exchange program that will upgrade all Aerodyne original semi-stowless bags for our customers.